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You have ordered a made to measure garment, additional tailoring, one-off accessories etc. In order to pay for these by debit/credit card please tell us your name, billing and shipping address, then enter the outstanding amount [example 250.00] and proceed to our secure card payment area. Will we match your name with the order information that we have on file and confirm this to you be email following the transaction. 

Address Information 

  Use Billing Address for Shipping

Billing Details Shipping Details
Customer Name Customer Name
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Address Address
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Total Amount Due


I have read and accept the Via Roma Limited business terms and understand that while Via Roma Limited operate a guaranteed returns policy, I am responsible for the safe return of any items. Yes; No.

If you are happy with your order and that all other information is correct, please press the secure card authorisation button in order to submit your payment card details and complete the order.